Man in the Studio is a slow, conscious Artisan fashion brand.


Our universe

Man in the Studio is a slow, conscious Artisan fashion brand based in Lithuania in Northern Europe. The essence of Man in the Studio is a clothing line that we create for the dolce far niente lifestyle – the sweet feeling of doing nothing. Living in the now, observing the landscapes or the buzz of life around you, enjoying time going by, immersing with creativity… All those are the moments that our clothes reveal at their best. 

At Man in the Studio, we witness beauty in natural and unrefined aesthetics. Therefore, we design our clothes with simplicity, minimalism, and clean lines. For us, it is essential that people wearing our clothes feel easy, comfortable, and unpretentious as if they were their second skin. And finally, we are greatly inspired by creative artistry – the creative stimulus itself and the creative community that appreciates simplistic design and naturalness. We believe that our clothes are like a white canvas allowing creative spirit and personality to flow free and not overshadow them. 


At Man in the Studio, we value authenticity and uniqueness, and therefore, when creating each garment, we want it to reflect a particular creative direction. At our brand, you will not find wide stylistic or color ranges. Opposite – we seek to curate everything and offer the vision that represents our brand the best. Natural and soft color tones, inspired by the Mediterranean landscapes, honest and unrefined materials, and the simplistic and clean silhouettes – all this is Main in the Studio.

Natural fabrics

We love natural quality materials that are long-lasting, pleasant to wear, and favorable to our planet. The main fabrics that we use in our collections are natural linen and cotton with Oeko_Tex, GOTS, Global Recycled Standard, or BCI certifications. The materials come from our trusted partners working in different countries in Europe.

Made to order

Traditional craftsmanship is, we believe, one of our essential values and focuses. The made-to-order technique that we apply to all our clothes (adapting each piece to our customers’ particular needs and measurements) makes the clothes a better fit and adds another value to them – they are loved and cherished more.

Conscious approach 

Being a socially responsible brand matters to us. We carefully select fabric suppliers we partner with. We provide our employees with fair wages and good working conditions. Also, we are a zero-waste when it comes to fabrics – we make linen packaging from the fabric’s leftovers. We use only high-quality, sustainable materials. We produce our clothes in a made-to-order principle, which means that we do not stock or waste our clothes. And we are constantly looking for ways to improve.